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Resell, integrate, or white label our industry-leading cloud fax solution and start earning bigger profits and satisfying more clients.

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If you serve customers with communications technology, mFax has a lucrative partnership opportunity for you. Learn more about which opportunity best fits your business.

Agents & brokers

With mFax you can easily add 5-10% in payouts to the deals you’re already selling

API integration partners

Integrate mFax’s developer-friendly API into your existing software to provide your end users with an amazingly reliable and secure cloud fax experience.

White label partners

Complement your other VoIP offerings with an industry-leading cloud fax solution that your clients will love.

Add a highly-profitable and in-demand product to your portfolio

Cloud fax is an amazingly in-demand and sticky product. Several major industries still rely on fax as a secure communication method, and many organizations don’t realize a modern and more reliable solution is even available.

A massive and expanding market

Fax is a trusted and entrenched communications product in many industries, especially those impacted by regulations such as healthcare, finance, law, government services, and manufacturing.

Research conducted by IDC indicates that companies growing their fax volumes do so at a rate of over 25% per year.

Industry-leading product & technology

For regulated industries, mFax has established an excellent reputation in terms of being a reliable enterprise-class cloud fax solution. Technology aimed at increasing fax reliability, as well as a commitment to customer satisfaction, enable mFax to bring outdated fax technology into the 21st century.

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Get up and running quickly with a simple onboarding process, dedicated channel managers, and world-class support.

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Dedicated channel managers

Dedicated channel managers are here to guide and assist you at every step of the way.

Sales & marketing collateral

We provide professional sales and marketing collateral to help you sell more deals.

World class US-based support

mFax is trusted by some of the largest faxers in the world and is backed by a 5-star US-based customer support team.