mFax + OCR: Fax that does
more for you

mFax API + OCR is the solution you need

The mFax API + OCR is ready to help you do more for your business. Our advanced technology is able to accurately convert scanned faxes into editable text documents and deliver those documents in near real time, saving you time and effort.

Are the contents of your fax as important as the transmission of it?

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Remove paper waste from the world

With our full text extraction fax solution, you have access to the entire contents of your faxes, making it easier to search, archive, and share important information. No more sifting through pages of paper or struggling to decipher handwritten notes.

Are you ready for your Fax API to do more for you?

Say goodbye to the frustration

Our OCR solution is reliable and efficient, ensuring that your faxes are accurately converted into editable text documents every time. Say goodbye to the frustration and hassle of manual transcription and endless search indexing and hello to the convenience of our OCR solution.

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