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Enterprise cloud fax for regulated industries

The easiest way for both large and small businesses to achieve real digital transformation. Save time and money by eliminating hardware and outsourcing fax to the cloud. Easily integrate secure and reliable cloud fax into existing apps and workflows.

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Cloud fax seamlessly integrates into your existing workflows

For many companies in regulated industries, fax remains the best method of secure transmission. But just because fax is an old technology doesn't mean it has to work that way.

The mFax developer-friendly API is built on RESTful architecture and easily integrates into your existing applications, systems, and workflows for a seamless fax experience.

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    Enterprise fax solutions

    We can help your organization save thousands of dollars every month by outsourcing your fax infastructure to mFax's secure and reliable cloud network. Factor in a reduced IT workload, eliminating hardware and maintenance costs, and the enormous amount of saved time - and switching to cloud fax is an easy decision.

    Send and receive all of your faxes online - in our portal, by email, or integrate our API with the systems you're already using.

    mFax advantages

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    Maximum-reliability routing

    Many fax networks optimize for least-cost routing while mFax optimized for reliability

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    Smart routing algorithm

    Our Smart Routing Algorithm helps you get more faxes delivered

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    Fax-optimized network

    Unlike many other providers, mFax doesn't congest our network with voice traffic

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    Seamless integration

    Integrate fax into all your existing apps and workflows

    Reduce infrastructure costs

    No more clunky hardware or frustrating and time-consuming maintenance

    Unlimited bandwidth & scalability

    mFax scales to whatever output your business requires

    Transmit large files

    One page or a thousand pages - send files of any size

    Real US-based support

    5-star expert customer support that actually cares

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    Secure storage & file sharing

    All fax plans include 1GB of secure file storage and sharing through mDrive

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    Complete audit trails

    Easily restrict and audit access and events from within the portal

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    Long-term archiving

    Keep your documents safely stored in compliance with regulatory requirements

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    Powerful encryption

    mFax employs secure AES 256-bit encryption and TLS 1.2 protocol

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    Regulatory compliance

    HIPAA, GLBA, and SOX compliant fax

    mFax solutions


    mFax for healthcare

    Secure and HIPAA compliant fax healthcare organizations can rely on

    mFax for financial services

    Financial services companies protect their sesitive data with mFax

    mFax for legal & government

    Law firms and government trust mFax's secure and reliable network

    Customizable using a variety of tools and programming languages

    Integrate secure fax with EPIC, SAP, Microsoft 365, GSuite, and dozens of other ERPs, EMRs, EHRs, and other popular workflow solutions.

    With mFax's robust API, you are fully in control of the faxing process. Our API is completely customizable in any of 5 programming languages.

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    Security and compliance features

    Google cloud technology

    Built using Google Cloud Platform, leveraging all the power and sophistication of one of the world's preeminent technology leaders

    AES 256-bit encryption

    AES 256-bit SSL encryption, 2048-bit private keys, and secure multi-layered encryption for all documents at rest and in transit


    All web servers, application servers, and databases are housed in state-of-the-art SSAE16 Type II secured facilities with redundant hardware, power, and connectivity

    We sign BAAs

    We sign business associate agreements (BAAs)

    TLS 1.2

    TLS 1.2 encryption protocol for all files in transit

    2-factor authentication

    2FA included to keep your account secure

    We strive to continually provide the highest levels of data security possible, making our efforts a never-ending process

    When digital fax really matters, businesses trust mFax's Priority Delivery Network

    If a fax service is unreliable, what good is it?

    Some providers use a single carrier relationship and transmit both voice and fax, but mFax operates an exclusive Tier-1 fax-optimized network to guarantee maximum deliverability.

    Reduce failure rates by 80%. Get the scalability you need when you want it. And feel secure knowing your most sensitive documents will reach their destinations securely.

    Get in touch with our fax experts

    Our experts can help you find the right solution. Fill out the form or call us at (888) 966-4922