Print to Fax app

The mFax Print to Fax driver allows you to easily send a fax from any desktop application that allows you to print. Simply download and install the driver (Windows only) and fax in 3 easy steps.

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Using Print to Fax

Note: Use of the mFax Print to Fax driver requires an active mFax account. If you do not already have an account check out our plans here.

Step 1 - Download the driver

Download the driver. Once downloaded, extract the contents of the zip folder and run the executable. Follow the prompts to install the application.

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Step 2 - Installing the driver

You will be prompted to enter your authorization key. You can generate and copy your driver key from the mFax web portal. Check out this article for more detailed instructions. Paste your key and click “Authenticate” to complete driver setup.

Step 3 - Sending faxes

Now that your print to fax driver is setup, simply click Print from any application that allows and choose the Print to Fax driver as your printer. You will be prompted to enter the fax number and cover page details. Faxes sent via driver are also accessible for viewing in the mFax web portal.

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