mFax agent program

A hidden, lucrative profit center to add to your offerings

Industry-leading payouts and incredibly low churn

Agents can easily add 5-10% in payouts to the deals they’re already selling

Earn on sales

3xMRR insta-payout + 20% customer monthly commission

Earn on qualified leads

3xMRR insta-payout

Keep earning more

Keep earning month after month with sub-3% churn rates

A lucrative business opportunity

Adding mFax to your product offerings gives you the opportunity to earn bigger profits on the deals you’re already selling and delight your customers with an industry-leading cloud fax product they’ll absolutely love

Massive and growing market

An International Data Corporation study finds that fax is an entrenched product in many industries with 82% of survey respondents expecting to increase or maintain their fax usage year-over-year.

Proven & safe product

mFax has established an excellent reputation as a reliable enterprise cloud fax solution for regulated industries. With industry-leading technology to improve fax reliability and a commitment to customer satisfaction, mFax brings outdated fax technology into the 21st century.

Highly profitable

Earn 3x MRR as an instant payout upon delivering a sale or a qualified lead (i.e. a meeting with an interested prospect). For delivered sales, earn a healthy 20% monthly recurring commission for the lifetime of the customer.

Quick payouts

We treat our agents as highly valued business partners, and that means making sure you get paid timely. Payout schedules vary, but typically most payouts occur within 1 week of delivery.

More satisfied customers

Nobody faxes casually, so when customers need a fax solution, they need one that really works. Your clients will be thrilled to have a cloud fax solution that doesn’t just work, but is built and optimized for fax reliability.

No maintenance

mFax can be set up quickly and easily, even in large organizations. Best of all, you won’t have to worry about any software updates, maintenance, or troubleshooting. Our US-based customer success team handles everything from onboarding to technical questions to ongoing support.

How much can you earn from cloud fax?

Cloud fax is a remarkably profitable product for agents, affiliates, and partners. These examples show just how much you could earn by adding mFax to your product offerings

Bill S: Earns $12k immediately +$800 monthly recurring commission

Bill signs up his entire portfolio of customers with a total monthly fax volume of approximately 100k pages per month.

Note: examples are for illustration purposes only, results may not be typical.

Fax technology built for the 21st century

Companies that still do a lot of faxing often have come to accept poor quality, regular downtime, and frequent failures. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

mFax is designed for reliability, security, and compliance. With an extensive tier-1 fax-only carrier network, smart routing algorithms, a fax-optimized network infrastructure, and leveraging the power of Google’s cloud services architecture, mFax is designed to handle enormous volume and practically any use case.

mFax supports your business

We make selling easy by providing you with all the tools and resources you need to earn more with very little effort

Dedicated channel managers

Dedicated channel managers are here to guide and assist you at every step of the way.

Sales & marketing collateral

We provide professional sales and marketing collateral to help you sell more deals.

Industry leading product and support

mFax is trusted by some of the largest faxers in the world and is backed by a 5-star US-based customer support team.

How to get started?

Getting started is simple. Fill out our agent form and a channel manager will be in touch to guide you through everything you’ll need to know to start earning more immediately.

Frequently asked questions

Want to know more? See our faqs below or contact an account executive to learn more

  • Why sell a standalone cloud fax product?

    Good question. While many comprehensive communications solutions offer an integrated fax product, our experience shows many of these integrations are woefully inadequate for even the most common use cases. When an organization needs to fax thousands or millions of pages per month, the reliability of their fax systems really matter to the continued success of their businesses. mFax allows you to offer a world-class fax product that will impress and delight your customers beyond the ordinary.

  • Are there any limits to payouts?

    The only limit is the extent of your industry connections. We have no restrictions on the quantity of sales or qualified leads delivered over any timeframe.

  • Does mFax provide agent support?

    Yes, we provide an extensive support program including training, marketing and sales collateral, technical support, and ongoing direct customer support.

  • How quickly can I get started?

    You could start selling mFax in just days. Fill out our agent partner form and a channel manager will be in touch quickly to help answer any questions and get you started.