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Email to fax

Faxing has never been easier. Send and receive faxes right from your email without having to download or install any software.

What is email to fax?

Email to fax is a service that lets you fax directly from your email using an assigned toll-free number. The process is simple and works like sending or receiving an email. The fax is received on a fax machine by default and if someone sends you a fax from a fax machine, it will go into your email inbox.

How mFax helps

mFax is a reliable email to fax service that allows clients to send secure faxes from anywhere, using computers and mobile devices. The process is fast, easy, and convenient and works with a variety of email clients.

How to send a fax by email

Sending a fax via email is a simple 3-step process that is easy to learn:

Step 1

Compose a message and then address it to fax number You will need to begin the number with a “1” for faxes to Canada and the U.S.

Step 2

Add attachments to the fax. Internet fax services support a range of styles, including DOCX, DOC, XLS, XLSX, PDF, JPEG, PNG, and PPT.

Step 3

Click the “send” button, and our technology takes care of everything else. Your document is converted to a fax and delivered on your behalf. We send you an email delivery confirmation. Your fax history is accessible from a web portal.

How to receive a fax by email

It is even easier to receive email faxes. Your mFax plan includes a toll-free virtual fax number. Any time someone sends a fax to the number mFax converts the fax to a PDF document and then delivers it to your email. Each fax is stored in the cloud for your convenience.

Easily deploy email to fax across your organization

mFax is built to scale. Use our advanced administrative features to add/remove users, change permissions, and set up routing rules. We authenticate every email to fax attempt against your active user list (including an SPF record check) so you don’t have to worry about unauthorized access.

Email to fax FAQs

  • Is there a free fax to email service?

    You will need to subscribe to a service before you can send or receive faxes through email. Once you sign up, mFax issues the unique toll-free number required to send and receive faxes. We offer a menu of paid plans designed to suit customers’ changing needs.

    Some companies offer free service, but options are limited, and they are not ideal for heavy fax users.

    Several companies provide a free toll-free number that will allow you to send faxes via email, but not all of them will enable you to receive faxes. Businesses that do not charge for the service also limit the number of faxes users can send. Once the limit is reached, you need to pay for additional faxes.

    A better option is to try a reliable service for free. mFax offers a free 14-day trial that lets users test the service without obligation. After the trial expires, you can choose a plan scaled to the volume of faxes you send and receive.

  • How do I get a Gmail fax number?

    Google does not offer a fax service. However, you can get a toll-free fax number from mFax and then link it to your email account, allowing you to send or receive faxes through Gmail.

    When you sign up and request a number, mFax sends it directly to your Gmail account in an email. The email also contains a link you must click to activate your account. You will then send a fax to mFax using the new number. At that point, your email account is linked to mFax, and you use it to send and receive faxes.

  • How do I send a fax from Gmail?

    Sending a fax using a Gmail account could not be easier:

    1. Ensure you have a fax number linking your Gmail account and mFax service.
    2. Click on Gmail’s “compose” button to begin a new email.
    3. Address to: fax
    4. Type your message and attach documents, photos, etc. The subject line acts as a fax cover sheet. Use the subject space to write any messages you have.
    5. Press Send.

  • How do I send an email to a fax machine?

    Faxes sent using an email to fax service go to recipients’ fax machines by default. They cannot go to their emails because fax technology is not compatible with email technology.

    Messages only go to recipients’ email accounts if the receiver and sender are both using an email to fax service that translates signals.

  • Can I send a fax from my Gmail?

    Yes, mFax will issue a toll-free number that you can link to your Gmail account and use it to send faxes from emails.

  • How can I send a fax from my email for free?

    Sign up for a 14-day free mFax trial that allows you to test the service before committing.

  • How can I send a fax from my computer?

    As an mFax customer, you can use a variety of email clients to send faxes from your computer as well as mobile devices.

  • How to fax from Outlook?

    Sending an email from M.S. Outlook is easy using mFax. Open Outlook, choose “New” from “File and then click on “Fax.” A new message box will pop up, allowing you to write your message and add attachments. Fill in the recipient section, select options from the services pane, complete a cover sheet, and then hit send.

  • Can you email to a fax number?

    Not without exclusive email to fax technology. Email and fax signals are not compatible. When you use an mFax-assigned toll-free number to send a fax via email, our technology translates the signals.

    mfax is an email to fax service that allows individuals and businesses to send and receive messages through their email clients. Email to fax service is fast, secure, and easy to use on computers and a range of mobile devices, including phones. Customers can try the service free for 14 days, with no obligation.