White Label cloud fax for MSPs and resellers

A fully-branded comprehensive white label fax solution operating on the world’s most reliable fax-optimized network infrastructure. Offer a cloud fax solution your clients will love.


Several paths to profitability

Cloud fax is an excellent complementary solution to your other VoIP offerings, and can help open up new opportunities for your business.

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Capture more VOIP business

Penetrate organizations you might otherwise have difficulty connecting with by offering a robust and powerful cloud fax solution that makes a big difference in companies with high fax volume. Even when positioned as a loss-leader, a reliable cloud fax solution can be your key to profitable new opportunities.


Easy passive income

Earn $10k per year or more on a purely passive product. No maintenance, no troubleshooting, and no support nightmares.


Profitable recurring SaaS model

Build out a profitable SaaS model with your business by delivering more in-demand products that clients love.


Don’t miss out on passive revenue

Referring clients to fax solutions plagued with downtime and reliability issues hurts your reputation and costs your business money.

Partnering with mFax means offering customers a fax solution that actually works.

mFax is designed for reliability, security, and compliance. With an extensive tier-1 fax-only carrier network, smart routing algorithms, a fax-optimized network infrastructure, and leveraging the power of Google’s cloud services architecture, mFax is designed to handle enormous volume and practically any use case.

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Offer a true white label fax solution

Cloud fax is an excellent complementary solution to your other VoIP offerings, and can help open up new opportunities for your business.

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True white label

100% branded. No “powered by” or co-branding tradeoffs. mFax works in the background as your true white label partner.


Rapid deployment

Get up and running in just days. Fax probably isn’t your core business, but deploying a quality solution can be time and cost intensive. mFax provides a simple, powerful, and convenient solution that your clients will love.


Great margins

We offer competitive discounted rates to our white label partners to help make your fax offering both valuable to your end users and profitable for your business.


MSPs, ITSPs, & resellers love mFax

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HIPAA compliance & security

Our white label fax solution meets or exceeds standards set by HIPAA and other common regulatory requirements.

AES 256-bit encryption for stored data
TLS 1.2 encryption protocol for data in-transit
Optional Two-factor authentication (2FA)

Providing the highest levels of data security and privacy protection is what we aim to achieve every day. See our security page for more information on what we do to keep data secure.

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Don't compromise on fax!

Your customer relationships are valuable, and you probably recognize that no one faxes casually these days. Choose the fax solution built for 21st century faxing needs.


Email to fax

Send and receive faxes right from your email provider without having to download or install any extra software.

With our email to fax service, you won't need any special software. You can send and receive faxes from any mobile device, tablet, laptop, or desktop. Plus, this system works with all email providers, bringing secure faxing capabilities to anyone, anywhere.

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Print to fax

The mFax Print to Fax driver allows you to easily send a fax from any desktop application that allows you to print.

Simply download and install the driver (Windows only) and fax in 3 easy steps.

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Secure web portal

The most modern, intuitive, and user-friendly online fax platform you’ll ever use. It’s no wonder we’ve got dozens of 5-star reviews from happy users on G2 & Capterra.

The mFax app is built with a mobile-friendly interface that makes it easy to fax and manage your account from anywhere in the world using all of your favorite devices.

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mFax’s developer-friendly API makes integrating fax functionality into your business software simple and seamless. Our robust network infrastructure delivers unparalleled fax reliability your users will love.

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Fax Machine Connector (FMC)

A FMC is a type of ATA (analog telephone adapter) used to connect your analog fax machine to your internet service. Without any need to maintain an analog phone line exclusively for your fax machines, a fax ATA saves you money. And with all your documents being sent over mFax’s secure Priority Delivery Network, you can rest assured your private documents are regulation-compliant and reliably delivered.

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Here are a few things you might want to know.

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Is HIPAA faxing safe for highly sensitive documents?

Absolutely. When faxing medical records or anything with PHI, the processes for keeping the information private to only the sender’s and recipient’s eyes are important. Correctly using a fax service and sending the information to the correct number are both vital to avoiding HIPAA violations when transmitting this sensitive information.

How does HIPAA faxing relate to security?

Faxing is typically more secure than email because most email providers don’t take extra security measures for the contents of their messages or attachments.Email addresses and passwords appear with high frequency on breach warning websites. The average person has a 41% chance of finding their email login information involved in a security breach. Therefore, anyone with that information can read any of their sent or received emails. Faxing over phone lines or via a secure online cloud fax system protects the information from hackers. When faxing over the phone, hackers cannot access the information sent via telephone lines.

What Is the HIPAA disclaimer cover sheet I must send?

Cover sheets are essential whether sending an online or traditional fax. These sheets serve as a means of protecting the information in the fax from someone who might accidentally see a page sitting on the fax machine. However, the cover sheet itself cannot include any PHI while also including information to indicate the confidentiality of the fax.
A HIPAA compliant fax coversheet should have the following information:
Notice of “confidential” and “important” information in the fax
Number of pages, including the cover sheet
Your name and fax number
Recipient’s name
The subject of the fax (without revealing PHI)

Do I need a HIPAA-compliant fax machine?

No. HIPAA-compliant cloud fax services should use multifactor authentication, which prevents someone who only has the user name and password from accessing the account. They also encrypt faxes from the time the fax is sent until the recipient gets it. This encryption uses specific keys to unlock the fax. Someone who does not have these keys cannot see the fax.

Can I use a HIPAA fax API?

Yes, the mFAX service is available as both a secure web-application and as an embedded API call.

What types of healthcare entities use HIPAA compliant fax?

Any organization that provides healthcare-related services, be it hospitals, providers, clinics, insurers or payors, should be using a verifiable HIPAA-compliant fax service as part of its overall PHI security program.

Does mFax have a HIPAA compliant fax app?

Absolutely. We offer the following security features for HIPAA compliance:
Business Associate Agreement
Multifactor authentication login and user protections
Secure connections
File encryptions

Does mFax offer HIPAA compliant fax to email?

Yes. To protect the data sent, mFax uses secure HTTPS connections for our web presence and access from fax API. Transmitted and files at rest are secured with TLS 1.2transit and AES 256-bit encryption respectively.

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