White label
fax solution

White label a Tier-1 cloud fax platform

Don't compromise on fax!

Many voice providers, MSP’s, and ITSP’s avoid dealing with fax because they know a poor deployment results in a support nightmare. Partner with Documo to offer a reliable Tier-1 hosted fax solution to your customers. Leverage our advanced fax-only cloud architecture and our years of experience in solving Fax over IP reliability issues.

Offer a true white label fax service

True white label

Our white label fax program allows you to launch an incredibly reliable and robust fax solution under your own brand. No “powered by” or co-branding trade-offs here. Documo is happy to work in the background as your true white label partner.

Rapid deployment

Get up and running in a matter of days vs weeks (or months). Fax is most likely not your core business, but deploying a quality fax solution can be time and cost intensive. Trust us... we know. Partnering with Documo allows you to focus on what you do best while feeling confident in your fax solution.

Developer-friendly API

Looking to integrate our fax solution? Use our extensive and fully-featured API to connect and fax enable applications. Check out our API here.

Several ways to fax with mFax white label

mFax allows you to fax from any internet-enabled device and even existing physical fax machines.

Email to fax

Instantly fax-enable any internet connected device. Send and receive faxes right from your email inbox. There's no additional software to download or install. We will deliver your faxes as PDF attachments.

Web portal

Access the web interface from any web browser. Our modern and mobile-friendly web portal allows you to view your fax history, send faxes, and manage your account. Our advanced Admin portal gives you the ability to take full control over your fax solution.


Our powerful and developer friendly API allows you to integrate and automate fax processes. Get up and running quickly with the ability to scale. Send and receive, get detailed call reporting, and automate user provisioning from our REST API.


Cloud-enable your MFPs and fax machines. Eliminate the need for POTS lines while maximizing security and control of your fax devices with our reliable HTTPS fax adapters.

Cloud connector apps

Use simple built-in apps to cloud-enable your MFPs and AIO printer devices. Eliminate the need for POTS lines while maximizing security and control of all your fax devices with our simple cloud connector apps.

Print to fax

Our Windows print to fax driver allows you to easily send a fax from any Windows application that allows you to print. Simply download and install the driver and fax in 3 easy steps.


Frequently asked questions

  • What is white label fax?

    Think of white label fax as our software with your name on it. When you sign up for our white label, you get our mFax product without any of our standard labeling or logos. The blank product you can customize to match the software that you want to package the product with or as a separate service. You are in control of what your end users see when they purchase your fax product. However, you can rest assured that you will provide them with high-end fax services that meet their productivity needs.

    All the services mFax offers, you can provide to your customers if you use our white label fax as a reseller. Just as mFax customers get, you can provide print to fax, email to fax, a web portal, and FaxBridge with mfp and fax machines. However, your customized domain will be all your customers see when they use the product.

  • How does white label fax work?

    Our white label fax is an unbranded product that you add your logos and domain to. In doing so, your customers won't know that they are using our product. As the reseller, you only have to have your preferred brand and logo on the user portals and domains that your customers will use.

    When you set up your white label fax with mFax, you can customize the domain, which also affects the email addresses and fax domains. By using your brand on these, you can take advantage of the power of mFax's cloud fax services while selling software the uses it under your own name. Let us know if you have questions about customizing your white label fax or consult our Help Center for detailed instructions and videos.