White Label cloud fax for MSPs and resellers

A fully-branded comprehensive white label fax solution operating on the world’s most reliable fax-optimized network infrastructure. Offer a cloud fax solution your clients will love.

Several paths to profitability

Cloud fax is an excellent complementary solution to your other VoIP offerings, and can help open up new opportunities for your business.

Capture more VOIP business

Penetrate organizations you might otherwise have difficulty connecting with by offering a robust and powerful cloud fax solution that makes a big difference in companies with high fax volume. Even when positioned as a loss-leader, a reliable cloud fax solution can be your key to profitable new opportunities.

Easy passive income

Earn $10k per year or more on a purely passive product. No maintenance, no troubleshooting, and no support nightmares.

Profitable recurring SaaS model

Build out a profitable SaaS model with your business by delivering more in-demand products that clients love.

Don’t throw away easy money

Referring clients to fax solutions plagued with downtime and reliability issues hurts your reputation and costs your business money.

Partnering with mFax means offering customers a fax solution that actually works.

mFax is designed for reliability, security, and compliance. With an extensive tier-1 fax-only carrier network, smart routing algorithms, a fax-optimized network infrastructure, and leveraging the power of Google’s cloud services architecture, mFax is designed to handle enormous volume and practically any use case.

Offer a true white label fax solution

Cloud fax is an excellent complementary solution to your other VoIP offerings, and can help open up new opportunities for your business.

True white label

100% branded. No “powered by” or co-branding tradeoffs. mFax works in the background as your true white label partner.

Rapid deployment

Get up and running in just days. Fax probably isn’t your core business, but deploying a quality solution can be time and cost intensive. mFax provides a simple, powerful, and convenient solution that your clients will love.

Great margins

We offer competitive discounted rates to our white label partners to help make your fax offering both valuable to your end users and profitable for your business.

MSPs, ITSPs, & resellers love mFax

We’ve built an extensive partner network on the idea that a quality fax solution should be modern, intuitive, and cost effective. See what others have to say.

HIPAA compliance & security

Our white label fax solution meets or exceeds standards set by HIPAA and other common regulatory requirements.

  • AES 256-bit encryption for stored data
  • TLS 1.2 encryption protocol for data in-transit
  • Optional Two-factor authentication (2FA)

Providing the highest levels of data security and privacy protection is what we aim to achieve every day. See our security page for more information on what we do to keep data secure.

Don't compromise on fax!

Your customer relationships are valuable, and you probably recognize that no one faxes casually these days. Choose the fax solution built for 21st century faxing needs.

Ultra-reliable network infrastructure

Our unparalleled network infrastructure is built to deliver amazing reliability

  • Industry-leading 97%+ fax completion rates
  • No voice, fax-optimized architecture
  • Dedicated tier-1 multi-carrier relationships

Multiple deployment methods

Our white label fax solution can be deployed using a variety of methods from any internet-connected device and even allows you to incorporate physical fax machines and MFPs.

Email to fax

The mFax email gateway allows users to send and receive faxes directly from their favorite email clients. All email clients are supported, and transmissions are encrypted using advanced TLS1.2 protocol.

Web portal

mFax’s secure web portal can be accessed from any device. Send and receive faxes, access fax history, and modify account settings with ease. White label clients have access to a fully-branded web portal for a seamless branding experience. See more about fax


Our robust and developer-friendly RESTful API gives you the power to integrate secure and reliable cloud fax into virtually any application and programmatically use mFax’s hosted cloud fax solution. View our API


Our FaxBridges are advanced HTTPS store-and-forward devices similar to analog telephone adapters (ATAs). These devices can be used to connect analog fax machines and MFPs to mFax’s

Cloud connector apps

We offer cloud connector apps on certain devices to enable cloud fax without the need for a FaxBridge.

Print to fax

Our simple and easy-to-use print-to-fax driver for Windows is a customer favorite. Simply download and install on any Windows PC and fax from any application as simply as printing a file.

Frequently asked questions

  • How much can I earn?

    Earning potential is practically endless. Some MSPs and resellers use cloud fax as a loss-leader to introduce a full range of VoIP products and services into organizations. Others sell a lot into heavy-faxing industries, earning $10k+ per month in easy passive revenue.

  • Is the mFax white label program right for my business?

    If you don’t service many clients who use fax (or don’t expect to) and fax isn’t an integral part of your clients’ business, then mFax may not be right for you. However, if you sell into industries such as healthcare, finance, law, government services, manufacturing, or other highly-regulated industries where faxing is still common, then you’ll earn more trust (and bigger profits) by recommending mFax as your cloud fax provider of choice.

  • What is white label fax?

    Imagine white label fax as our software with your company's branding on it. mFax white label resellers receive our product without any of our standard labeling or logos. You are in complete control of your users’ experience. Your users can take advantage of the same services as mFax users, such as print-to-fax, email-to-fax, fax API, your branded web portal, and FaxBridges.

  • How does white label fax work?

    We offer a white label fax product that you can customize with your logo and domain. As a result, your customers will not be aware that they are using our product. A reseller only needs to place the brand and logo of the company on the portal and domains that the company will use.

    Want to learn more? Consult our Partner Help Center for detailed instructions and videos, or email us at sales@documo.com.