International fax

Did you know that you can send faxes internationally through mFax? The same online fax services that mFax provides domestically can also transmit faxes to other countries.

You don't have to rely on less secure email or file sharing services to get your information to others around the world.

How to fax internationally

If you want to enable international outbound faxing, you’ll need to request that we enable this feature within your account. Once set up, faxing internationally is simple.

Step 1

Navigate to the user interface and look under the "Fax to" area. Select the country where you want to fax to from the drop-down menu under the fax number box.

Step 2

This action will automatically add the international dialing code to the fax number box.

Step 3

Type in the number where you want to send the fax and continue the process as you normally would to send your fax.

Supported international destinations

Outbound faxing is available to the following countries

🇦🇺 Australia - $0.10

🇬🇧 United Kingdom - $0.10

🇩🇪 Germany - $0.10

🇫🇷 France - $0.10

🇨🇭 Switzerland - $0.10

🇮🇪 Ireland - $0.10

🇲🇽 Mexico - $0.10

🇯🇵 Japan - $0.12

🇸🇬 Singapore - $0.15

🇮🇹 Italy - $0.10

🇵🇹 Portugal - $0.10

🇪🇸 Spain - $0.10

🇭🇰 Hong Kong - $0.12

🇰🇷 South Korea - $0.15

🇮🇱 Israel - $0.10

🇹🇼 Taiwan - $0.12

🇳🇿 New Zealand - $0.10

🇦🇹 Austria - $0.25

🇳🇱 Netherlands - $0.10

🇧🇪 Belgium - $0.25

🇨🇳 China - $0.10

🇪🇬 Egypt - $0.45

🇧🇷 Brazil - $0.15

🇬🇷 Greece - $0.10

Send international faxes to any of the countries listed above

For instance, it costs only $0.10 per page to fax to Mexico, Greece, France, or Germany. If you need international fax capabilities with the ease and security of our online fax service, mFax has you covered.

Sending faxes to international destinations is simple

Don't waste money paying steep international phone rates to send internationally using a traditional fax machine.

By choosing mFax for your international cloud fax needs, you gain the advantages of our secure platform and easy-to-use interface. You must maintain the security of your customers' private information, regardless of your industry. By sending forms and other data over our encrypted fax network, you can continue to adhere to your industry's regulations for protecting data.

mFax gives you the ability to send documents without any file size limitations, encrypting your faxes and keeping them secure when sending to international destinations. Use mFax for your international faxing needs to maintain the security of all the information that you send via fax.

International cloud fax FAQs

If you still have questions about international faxing with mFax, you may find your answer below.

Still have questions about mFax’s international faxing services? Check out these FAQs or email us with your questions.

  • Do you need international fax to transmit to Canada?

    Although we disable international faxing on new accounts at purchase, all accounts do get the ability to fax within the United States and Canada. If Canada is the only international destination where you will send faxes, you do not need to request that we activate international faxing for your mFax account.

  • Is international cloud faxing with mFax safe?

    Faxes sent with mFax are safe, even when sent internationally. We ensure secure fax protocols are in place regardless of the destination, so your faxed data will be protected from unauthorized access.

  • Does mFax international cloud fax serve all countries?

    Currently, our international cloud fax service is still in beta and not available for all countries around the world. Keep an eye on this page for the countries you can fax to and the per-page rates, as we may add new destinations in the future.