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mFax offers a robust API that allow you to fully manage, integrate, and automate your fax solution. Our RESTful web service is developer-friendly and can be deployed in minutes vs weeks or months. Fax-enable your application today.

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curl -X POST
'https://api.documo.com/v1/fax/send' \
-H 'Authorization: Basic YOUR_API_KEY' \
-H 'content-type: multipart/form-data' \
-F 'recipientFax=12345678900' \
-F 'coverPage=true' \
-F 'recipientName=John Snow' \
-F 'subject=Winter is coming' \
-F 'notes=This fax is gonna let you know about the coming winter' \
-F '=@/home/user/Documents/Winter.pdf'
require 'net/http'
require 'uri'

uri = URI.parse("https://api.documo.com/v1/fax/send")
request = Net::HTTP::Post.new(uri)
request.content_type = "multipart/form-data"
request["Authorization"] = "Basic YOUR_API_KEY"
  "recipientFax" => "12345678900",
  "coverPage" => "true",
  "recipientName" => "John Snow",
  "subject" => "Winter is coming",
  "notes" => "This fax is gonna let you know about the coming winter",
  "" => "@/home/user/Documents/Winter.pdf",

req_options = {
  use_ssl: uri.scheme == "https",

response = http.request(request)
puts response.read../common/templates/_layout
import requests

url = 'https://api.documo.com/v1/fax/send'

headers = {
    'Authorization': 'Basic YOUR_API_KEY',
    'Content-Type': 'multipart/form-data',

data = [
  ('recipientFax', '12345678900'),
  ('coverPage', 'true'),
  ('recipientName', 'John Snow'),
  ('subject', 'Winter is coming'),
  ('notes', 'This fax is gonna let you know about the coming winter'),

files = [
    ('', open('/home/user/Documents/Winter.pdf', 'rb')),

requests.post(url, headers=headers, data=data, files=files)
$client = new http\Client;
$request = new http\Client\Request;

$body = new http\Message\Body;
  'recipientFax' => '12345678900',
  'recipientName' => 'John Snow',
  'subject' => 'Winter is coming',
  'notes' => 'This fax is gonna let you know about the coming winter'
), array(
    'name' => '',
    'type' => null,
    'file' => '/home/vlad/Downloads/Winter.pdf',
    'data' => null


  'Authorization' => 'Basic YOUR_API_KEY'

$response = $client->getResponse();

echo $response->getBody();

const fs = require('fs');
const request = require('request');
let fileName = '/home/user/Documents/Winter.pdf'

    method: 'POST',
    url: 'https://api.documo.com/v1/fax/send',
    headers: {
        Authorization: 'Basic YOUR_API_KEY',
        'content-type': 'multipart/form-data'
    formData: {
        recipientFax: '12345678900',
        coverPage: true,
        recipientName: 'John Snow',
        subject: 'Winter is coming',
        notes: 'This fax is gonna let you know about the coming winter',
        files: {
            value: fs.createReadStream(fileName),
            options: {
                filename: fileName
                contentType: 'application/pdf'
}, function(error, response, body) {


Integrate secure, reliable faxing into virtually any application. Our Fax API allows you to easily build fax functionality into your EMR, document management, VoIP, or other platform.



Take the headache out of fax and automate your fax processes. The Documo API is built so you can programmatically use our fully hosted cloud fax solution. Feature rich and built to scale.


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Deploy a fax solution with your brand. Whether you are a reseller (check out our White Label Program) or are launching an internal solution, our Fax API gives you the feature set of a premise solution, but with the flexibility and scalability of our advanced cloud architecture.

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