VoIP fax adapter

An easy way to internet-enable your fax machine

Plug & Play

No complex setup or installation. Just plug your FaxBridge in and start faxing. FaxBridges ship preconfigured and already assigned to your account.

Reduce paper waste

FaxBridges can help reduce paper waste since all incoming faxes are automatically emailed to you. They also increase security and help with compliance since all faxes sent and received with a FaxBridge are automatically stored securely in the cloud.

Save money

Using a FaxBridge with your physical fax machine eliminates the need for POTS/analog phone lines. Stop paying unnecessary costs to use your fax machine.

FaxBridge pricing



$15/month MRC per active device

(includes 300 pages of outbound faxing per month)

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An mFax subscription is required for FaxBridge use.

FaxBridge overview

Organizations are consolidating voice, fax and data resources to cut costs and simplify their communications infrastructure. Voice over IP (VoIP) and Fax over IP (FoIP) are two technologies that have become critical to organizations as they create a unified strategy for voice and data communications. These technologies allow companies to reduce their total cost of ownership by eliminating telephony hardware and consolidating the management of voice, data and fax communications.

Fax machines can be located anywhere and used as secure fax terminals when connected to FaxBridge devices. FaxBridge devices auto provision and do not require any remote software configuration.

FaxBridge eliminates the need for POTS lines and requires only an internet connection and power source.

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Fax ATAs & FaxBridge

A FaxBridge is a type of ATA (analog telephone adapter) used to connect your analog fax machine to your internet service. Without any need to maintain an analog phone line exclusively for your fax machines, a fax ATA saves you money. And with all your documents being sent over mFax’s secure Priority Delivery Network, you can rest assured your private documents are regulation-compliant and reliably delivered.

How fax ATAs work

Our FaxBridge ATA enhances your analog fax devices, allowing you to eliminate phone lines and send and receive faxes over just your internet connection.

Fax ATAs require no special software and no technical expertise to get setup. The status of your FaxBridge may be checked at any time in the mFax web portal.

The FaxBridge assigns your traditional fax machine an IP address that allows it to communicate through our secure cloud network. Any fax-enabled analog device can be connected to your FaxBridge including traditional standalone fax machines and most multifunction printers.

FaxBridge alternatives

We’re developing cloud connector apps for various multifunction printer devices which allow you to fax through our secure cloud network without the need for a FaxBridge. Simply download the app from your MFP’s app store and connect directly to the mFax network.

FaxBridge setup

mFax FaxBridges come preconfigured out of the box, and can be set up and ready to use in a matter of just minutes

Step 1

Plug in the included phone cord (RJ-11 cord) into the line port on the back of your fax machine and into the fax port on the FaxBridge

Step 2

Connect an ethernet cable from the wall or router into the WAN port on the FaxBridge.

Step 3

Plug in the power cable into the FaxBridge and connect it to an outlet. You will not use the FXS port on the FaxBridge.

Give the system a few minutes for FaxBridge to communicate to the mFax servers. After the SYS light on the unit comes on, your fax machine has an assigned IP address and can receive and send faxes securely over the internet.