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5 Best Concord Cloud Fax Alternatives

Of all the office procedures that have been digitized, cloud faxing might be the one thing that feels like an actual miracle. The efficiency alone offers a sense of ease and confidence in a process that has caused a lot of anxiety for centuries - okay, it’s just been a few decades, but still... How great is it that just one product saves you loads of money, time and filing hassles, and removes the headache of repairing and replacing office equipment? Plus, when faxes are sent digitally, you can trust the entire document will be delivered, rather than losing pages upon transmission.

With so many quality products on the market, however, it can be intimidating to know which plan to pick. You don’t want to sign up for the wrong plan or worry you don’t have the time or tech know-how to learn a new system quickly. More than anything, you need to know your service is going to work well, the first time around.

While there’s not exactly an industry “gold standard”, Concord Cloud Fax is one of the most popular cloud faxing services, and for good reason. Its flexible pricing structure and special features give competitors a lot to live up to.

Let’s look at the pricing and unique features of Concord Cloud Fax and five of its top competitors so you can pro and con your way closer to making the right choice for your business.

Concord Cloud Fax


Fax Pro $10.95 for 100 pages/month for 3 users

Fax Pro $14.95 for 300 pages/month for 3 users

Fax Pro $49.95 for 1000 Pages/month for 20 users

Custom packages are available for larger enterprises.

Top Features:

-HIPAA Compliant

-Has API’s developers can use to integrate with any pre-existing applications

-Faxes can be sent from your email inbox

-Faxes can be sent to your file management/storage system

-Has retained more than 140,000 users


-Inbound and outbound pages are counted separately. Meaning, if your plan offers 100 allotted pages per month, that gives you 50 inbound and 50 outbound pages. You are then charged overage costs for additional pages within each category.

-You’ll be charged outbound overcharge fees for faxes that take longer than 60 seconds to transmit.



FAX.PLUS has a complex pricing structure with options to pay monthly or annually.

The Business plan is $14.99/month, billed annually, with 800 pages/month.

The Enterprise Plan is $49.99/month, billed annually, with 3000 pages/month.

Top Features:

-Unlimited secure storage

-Compatible with Mobile App

-Dedicated Fax Number

-Electronic Signature

-Email to Fax

-FAX.PLUS claims to be HIPAA compliant when users activate advanced security controls and enter into a business associate agreement.


While FAX.PLUS does offer several less expensive options, the features are severely restricted until you get to the Business Plan, at which point it will integrate with Slack. It’s not until you pay for the Enterprise plan that you have access to more integrations, priority support, a single sign-on feature, and unlimited members.



Home Office: $9.99 per month for 300 pages/month

Professional: $19.99 per month for 500 pages/month

Small Business: $39.99 per month for 1000 pages/month

Free Trial

Top Features:

-Integrated with Googe Drive, Dropbox, Box, OneDrive and Evernote and offers other integrations

-HelloFax is owned by dropbox so secure cloud storage is a given in every plan.

-Fax number porting is available with the Professional and Small Business Plans

-Most other features are available on all plans, the greatest difference in price between the plans is based on the number of pages you’ll use.


While HelloFax has all the necessary features to be HIPAA compliant, the company has not been officially deemed as a HIPAA compliant company.



Solo: $10 Month, with 250 pages/month for 1 user

Small Team: $29 Month, with 500 pages/month for 5 users

Business: $59 Month, with 1000 pages/month for 15 users

Infinity: $119 Month, with 2500 pages/month for 50 users

Custom quotes are available for pages above 2500.

Top Features:

-HIPAA compliant

-Fax number included on all paid plans

-US-based live support is available at all levels

-API access begins at the Business level

-Single sign-on begins at the Infinity level

-1GB of free secure storage available on all paid plans with mDrive


Faxes stay in users' history for only 12 months. However, if you want to keep faxes for longer it does offer a secure storage solution, mDrive, that will be released later this year. For now, you do get 1 free GB of mDrive storage.



$10/month with no page limits

Top Features:

-Syncs with DropBox

-Allows 10 additional users

-Free transfer of fax number

-No set-up fees

-Can send or receive faxes with your PC, phone, or tablet


The obvious drawback is that HumbleFax is more of a stand-alone service and doesn’t integrate with your other workflow tools.



Lite: $7.99 60 for pages/month

Basic: $12.99 for 200 pages/month

Premium: $19.99 for 400 pages/month

Business: $29.99 for 1200 pages/month

Free Trial

Top Features:

-Automatically archives to your Google Drive

-Can blacklist spam faxes (so they don’t keep using up your ‘pages’ in the future)

-Adding team members is free

-HIPAA Compliant

-Integrates with Google, Slack, Microsoft, and more


According to G2, “​​The user interface could be improved. The overall organization of the site is great, but for many who have never used such a service, it could be helpful to include more pointers and tips about Cocofax functionality.”

How to choose the right cloud fax for you? Here are a few more considerations:

Interface and usability

Having a ton of features for the right price is key, but not if the technology is too difficult to navigate. Fortunately, most cloud fax providers offer either a free trial period or up to 5 free pages per month so you can poke around and be certain the product you ultimately purchase is going to make your life easier instead of more confusing.

Customer support

If you do think you’ll want some hand-holding, make sure to select a product or plan that offers the level of customer support you need.

Know what you really need

Make sure you know ahead of time how many pages you’ll need on your plan or you might end up paying substantial overage charges on your bill. Of course, you can also choose a plan based on prospective growth and select a product that scales well with your business model.

Storage and integrations

Digital files, like faxed documents, are only useful if you keep them safely stored and organized. To this point, select a product that either integrates smoothly with the digital storage solution or CRM you are already using or choose one that includes storage in the plan.

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