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Ultimate FAQ For Online Faxing

Online Fax: What Is It?

An online fax service like mFax allows users to send and receive fax transmissions via the cloud instead of a machine. Though it’s possible to connect some old fax machines to the internet, wireless faxing makes it unnecessary. Now, sending a fax is as easy as writing an email!

Are Online Fax Services Reliable?

When conventional phone lines are unavailable for fax transmissions, there’s little a user can do but to wait for the problem to be solved. With mFax, however, you’ll have an uptime rate that’s upwards of 99%, because the service is accessible via WiFi and mobile connections as well as Ethernet. Unless the ISP and your mobile provider are down, you’ll always have access to our service (and your faxes).

Are Online Faxes Secure?

Yes, they are! The mFax platform uses 256-bit AES encryption, and it also protects files in transit with TLS 1.2. Two-factor authentication is available to all mFax users, and it’s highly recommended. With these features, as well as automated session timeouts and advanced tracking and auditing, faxes have never been safer or more secure.

Is It Compliant With Financial, Medical, and Legal Industry Regulations?

At mFax, we use the highest encryption and security levels available to protect data while it’s in transit and in storage. We lead the online fax industry in terms of end-to-end security, which allows medical, financial, educational, government, and legal institutions to comply with GLBA, HIPAA, and other regulations.

Will I Need Technical Skills to Send Faxes Online?

Sending and receiving faxes with mFax is easy; anyone with basic technical knowledge can do it. If you've ever used a desktop email service like Outlook or a webmail client like Hotmail or Gmail, using online fax will be simple.

Does Online Fax Work on Laptops, Tablets, and Phones?

One of the best things about mFax is that it can be used from anywhere there's a stable internet connection. By accessing the service through the web portal, users can send and receive faxes from their laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

Why Make the Switch to Cloud Fax?

There are numerous reasons to switch from conventional to online fax, with security and mobility being two of the biggest benefits. Cloud fax is safer, more secure, and more convenient than email and analog fax. Transmissions can be sent and received from anywhere, which is a significant advantage for today's remote workers. By making the switch to mFax, users will avoid busy signals, paper jams, misplaced documents, and other time-consuming hassles.

Can I Keep My Existing Fax Number?

If you've established an account with a local telecommunications provider, it will be easy to port a number when moving to mFax. Bringing a number from a VoIP or web fax service, however, may prove to be a challenge. These providers lease numbers from telecom providers, who then route Internet calls through conventional phone lines. Unlike those who are issued numbers from local providers, users of web fax or VoIP numbers don't own them. Fortunately, once a number has been ported to a cloud fax service, it can be kept forever.

Is it Easy to Switch?

As previously mentioned, sending a fax online is as easy as sending an email or using a conventional fax machine. In offices with connected machines, the addition of an analog adaptor will allow team members to use those machines as they always have.

Will I Need to Buy New Equipment or Install Extra Software?

No! With mFax, users can send and receive faxes even if they aren't near a computer. With any combination and number of conventional fax machines, laptops, desktops, and mobile devices, a user can send and receive fax transmissions. There's no software to buy, maintain, or install, as the web client can run in all standard web browsers.

Will I Save Money?

While fax machines are still an important part of many offices, they have certain limitations. They're expensive to buy, use, and maintain, and you'll spend money every month on toner, paper, and ink. Switching to mFax is affordable, and you'll see the savings right away. Call or click to get started today.

How Difficult Is It to Send an Online Fax?

Using the mFax online portal is easy. Simply log into your account, and you'll be taken to the dashboard. Upload a file, enter the recipient's fax number, click the send button, and wait for the confirmation email. It's that simple!

Can I Send Faxes to Analog Fax Machines and Online Users?

Yes, you can. The mFax service uses conventional fax technology, which means users can send faxes to and receive them from analog machines and other cloud fax services.

How Are Online Faxes Received?

Anytime a fax comes in, it's automatically sent to your email inbox in PDF format. Receiving an online fax is as easy as opening an email attachment! All incoming and outgoing faxes are also saved in your online account, which can be accessed via the web portal.

Which File Types Are Supported?

With mFax, users can send and receive numerous types of files, including:

·      BMP

·      DOC

·      DOCX

·      GIF

·      JPEG/JPG

·      ODS

·      ODP

·      ODT

·      PDF

·      PNG

·      PPT

·      PPTX

·      TIF

·      TIFF

·      TXT

·      VSD

·      XLS

·      XLSX

While some services restrict their users to sending PDFs and DOC files, we do things a little differently. In short, if it can be attached to an email, it can be sent via mFax.

Have More Questions?

Are you considering making the switch to online fax but not sure how to start? We'll answer all your questions and address your concerns. Reach out to one of our experts for a quick chat or call today to learn just how easy it is to send, receive, and access faxes online.