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5 Reasons Why Online Faxing is Important

Technology continues to advance at a rapid rate. However, some things remain the same. For example, companies often need to exchange documents with clients, suppliers, vendors, and other businesses. Individuals may want to fax a document to a business or individual to handle a personal matter. The need to fax documents isn’t going away soon. However, the industry has made improvements that offer significant benefits to users.

Today, many businesses and individuals turn to online faxing services rather than using a physical fax machine to complete the exchange of documents. They find there are many advantages associated with using a service of this type. Why should everyone consider using secure online faxing services today?

Mobile-Friendly Technology

Most developers today create software for mobile devices. They recognize people turn to these devices more than conventional computers, as they are on the go and need access to frequently used programs. An online fax app allows individuals to use their device as a fax machine, regardless of where they are.

With this app, a person can sign documents using their electronic signature and transmit them to the applicable parties. Sending this document requires nothing more than taking a picture of the paperwork and uploading it to the app. There’s no heading to a physical fax machine and waiting for other documents to transmit before sending the paperwork to the appropriate parties, as each person uses their preferred mobile device to complete the task.

Look for online fax apps that allow a person to use multiple platforms. This ensures every person using the app can edit, send, and receive documents. Thanks to the rise in remote workers following the global pandemic, companies find they must meet the needs of workers wherever they are. This app enables them to achieve this goal.

Many people turn to mobile fax apps today because they improve communication between parties. When documents need to be exchanged, each party uses the mobile device to ensure this happens quickly. They no longer need to wait until they return to the office to transmit the paperwork, as they can do it from any location.

Consumers today dislike delays when dealing with a business. The mobile-friendly app eliminates these delays and the company benefits. However, the customer benefits as well because they spend less time sending and receiving documents and more time engaging in other activities of more interest to them.

Good for the Environment

When a person uses online faxing services rather than conventional fax technology, they help the planet. Nine years ago, One Green Planet reported American companies used 210 billion sheets of paper to send and receive faxes. While Americans have significantly reduced the amount of paper they use each year since the organization released that statistic, people can do more to protect the planet. Making the move to online faxing serves as one way to save the environment.

Saving trees stands as only one reason a person should move to online faxing. Doing so also reduces the electricity used to complete this task. Companies typically leave conventional fax machines on all day to ensure they never miss a document. When the machine remains on, electricity providers burn more fossil fuels to provide the necessary power, and this leads to higher energy bills.

Making the move to online faxing means the company won’t need to invest in physical fax machines, saving on materials and energy used in the production process. Manufacturers produce less paper, as any documents sent and received through the online fax service remain in the cloud. The user retrieves them when needed and will only make hard copies when doing so is necessary.

Now is the time to use online faxing options. Experts predict global temperatures will rise significantly by 2050 if humans don’t reduce their carbon footprint. An online fax app serves as an easy way to reduce human impact on the planet.

Improved Security

When people use conventional fax methods, they take on the risk of the document not reaching the appropriate party. If many people share a conventional fax machine, a user may unintentionally pick up another person’s documents. These documents could end up in a trash can or shredder if this individual cannot determine who the document was intended for.

With online faxing services, a document goes directly to the individual rather than a shared fax machine. This ensures sensitive information only goes to the correct person and won’t fall into the wrong hands. The sender must enter the recipient’s specific information before sending the fax.

Companies need to choose a provider with advanced security features in place. Look for features such as AES-256 bit encryption technology and TLS 1.2 encryption protocols. Two-factor authentication and automated session timeouts serve as additional features a company should consider.

Furthermore, ensure the provider has security measures in place for its web and application servers. The same holds for databases. They need to be secured in modern SSAE16 facilities equipped with redundant power, internet connectivity, and hardware. These facilities also need measures in place to restrict physical access with the help of round-the-clock security on-site and biometric scanning. Features such as these ensure the safety of any documents transmitted via the online fax service.

Document Organization

Business owners find they can organize documents easily with the help of online fax services. They no longer need to reserve space for these documents in their facility. The documents remain in the fax provider’s web portal where a person can access them at any time. When a document is needed, the user can view, search, and filter their fax history to find the appropriate paperwork.

A cluttered workspace interferes with productivity. In fact, the National Association of Professional Organisers reports cluttered workspaces cost a business up to ten percent of a manager’s salary. Making the move to an online fax service helps to reduce clutter and saves the business money. The lack of paperwork piled up also helps the business present a better image to visitors of the organization.

One benefit many companies overlook when they are deciding whether to use an online fax service is increased privacy. When a business keeps documents stored in the cloud, they reduce the risk of someone coming across information they lack the authorization to see. Paperwork won’t be accessible to unauthorized individuals within the organization. The only way they can see papers transmitted using an online fax service is if they have the correct credentials.

Additionally, using an online fax service means employees spend less time looking for a particular document. They no longer need to visit a file room and search through cabinets to find a document. They enter the necessary information into the fax provider’s portal and will have the document in their hands in a fraction of the time they would spend retrieving a hard copy.

Modern Solutions

Life looks different now than it did just a few short years ago. Pew Research reports 97 percent of Americans own some type of cell phone today, with most of these devices being smartphones. Approximately 50 percent own a mobile device other than a cell phone today, and many of these individuals rely solely on their cell phones for internet access. This shows how quickly things change, as these figures have increased significantly in the past ten years.

More people are moving to a paperless lifestyle. They no longer use cash but rely on debit and credit cards. Countless individuals benefit from electronic bills today rather than receiving bills through the mail, and many people refuse a receipt when using an ATM, self-serve gas pump, and other electronic devices to complete a transaction. They don’t want to accumulate unnecessary paperwork, so they also appreciate having access to online faxing services.

Using an online fax service allows them to process and manage data quickly and easily. A person can handle this task regardless of where they are, which means they are free to move around without restrictions. A person can sign and send a document while on the golf course or complete the purchase of a home from thousands of miles away. They don’t have to interrupt what they are doing to complete this task because the entire process takes only a few minutes.

The online fax industry continues to grow at an astounding rate. Arizton predicts this industry will reach $5.47 billion in five years. This equals a compound annual growth rate of 11.03 percent. Companies need to recognize this and benefit from online faxing services. A failure to do so could put them behind their competitors and no company can afford this in today’s global economy.

Many small and large entrepreneurs today send and receive documents using this method. Online faxing service providers recognize their role in the global economy and continue to improve their services. Today, companies find they can choose a provider that offers the security they need for their industries, including HIPAA-compliant providers and those that comply with SOX and GLBA. Companies of all sizes benefit from online fax services, and your business as well.

Learn more today about this technology and how it can help you grow your organization. You'll be pleasantly surprised to see the many benefits above and beyond those mentioned above.