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Cloud Faxing: Top 5 Questions That You’re Guaranteed to Ask

There are many questions in our lifetime that will go unanswered.  For example:

  • Why is 'abbreviation' such a long word?
  • What was the best thing before sliced bread?
  • Why do the numbers on a phone go one way and the numbers on the calculator go the other?
  • Who pushed the big button named "do not push" that started the big bang?
  • Do aliens exist and are they already here?

Luckily we know everything about cloud faxing and can assure you that we have the answers to ALL of your unanswered questions.


1. Can I keep my existing fax line? How long does the process take?

Yes, by porting the number over. The process takes 7-14 business days as long as the information submitted in the porting request is correct. For additional porting information, visit our support article, How does the porting process work?. We’d also like to mention that there is a one-time $15 charge per number porting.

Please note: There are no restrictions on porting numbers into mFax, however not every number is FoIP (fax over IP) compatible. A small percentage of numbers out there cannot be ported on an IP circuit. You can always contact us to check on number compatibility.

2. Is your service HIPAA compliant?

Sure is!  We offer a BAA that allows for  the option to be HIPAA compliant. We give our users the flexibility to customize their settings to optimize their HIPAA compliance.

3. Can I send and receive faxes from my email?

Definitely! Keep in mind that only registered mFax users can send a fax from their email, while anyone can receive an email notification from an mFax user. Learn more about how to send a fax from email in our support article, How to send a fax from email.

4. Can more than one user be added to a fax line?

Yes, and at no additional cost!  They just need to be a registered user within the account.

5. Can I change my plan level if my usage is higher than I initially thought?

Of course! You can upgrade or downgrade your account at any time. We have notifications for soft and hard limits for you to manage your plan and usage throughout the month.

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1. Can I manage all my customers under one “roof”?

Yes, you can manage your customers and sub accounts via our secure portal that has customized branding capabilities.  


2. Does the HIPAA compliant version cost more?

No, there is no additional cost. We offer a BAA that allows for the option to be HIPAA compliant. Users have the option to customize their settings to optimize their HIPAA compliance. Learn how our HIPAA compliant feature helped Automated Telecom make the switch to mFax.

3. Do you have a device for customers that want to keep using a physical fax machine or MFP?

Yup - cue, FaxBridge! Using a FaxBridge with your physical fax machine eliminates the need for POTS/analog phone lines. They also increase security and help with compliance since all faxes sent and received with a FaxBridge are automatically stored securely in the cloud. Ask your account manager for more information on pricing.

4. Can I set my own rates?

Absolutely! You can set per page rates to whatever you’d like. We suggest using the "PLANS '' tool in the portal to create a limit plan with a certain number of pages, users, and DIDs within the plan. In addition, you can choose to set those limits to a soft stop or a hard stop so that you are notified when your users have gone over or are getting close to going over the allotted amount of pages. You also have the option to notify them that they are getting close to hitting their limit or bill them for overages in the following billing cycle. Keep in mind we can't control inbound faxing but the soft limit will notify you once the limit has been hit.

5. Can I port a customer’s existing fax DIDs?

Certainly. You have the ability to port your customer’s DID within our portal and then assign it to your customer’s account, providing your customers an easy and seamless experience.

Maybe we won’t ever know why the Mona Lisa smiles or why people dream, but we do know that we created the most reliable and easy-to-use cloud fax service supported by really awesome humans. Try mFax today!

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