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How to Send an International Fax the Old-Fashioned Way

For companies doing business around the world, faxing is an integral part of a well-rounded communications strategy. Online faxing from mFax offers distinct advantages; rather than waiting by a machine, users simply check their email inboxes.

When companies' faxing requirements exceed the occasional overseas fax, they can count on mFax for fast, seamless, and HIPAA-compliant service. Here's a quick explanation of how sending an international fax works.

How to Send an International Fax the Old-Fashioned Way

While paper faxing still has a place in the business world, online faxing is quickly taking over. Below, users can learn how to send international faxes via a machine.

1.    Insert the document to be faxed into the document feeder.

2.    Dial your country's exit code.

3.    Dial the receiver's country code, then the city's area code and the fax number.

4.    Press Send to start the transmission.

Regular faxes get the job done in most cases, but online faxes are much easier to send and receive. Below, we will discuss how to send international faxes online.

Sending International Faxes Online

With cloud-based faxing from mFax, users can significantly shorten the time required to send and receive international faxes. Here's how to get started.

1.    Open mFax's user interface and find the "Fax To" line. Choose the destination country from the easy-to-use drop-down menu.

2.    The international dialing code is automatically added to the fax number input box.

3.    Type the destination fax number and continue the sending process as one normally would.

With mFax, it's easy to send secure faxes around the world within minutes. Click to start faxing right away!

Drawbacks of Conventional Faxing

Traditional fax machines transformed the business world, as they allowed companies to send and receive vital information within minutes. However, today's organizations need even faster access to that data, and online fax services provide it. In the following sections, we will demonstrate how traditional faxing just can't keep up with mFax's service.

·      Conventional fax machines need continuous maintenance. Fax machines need toner, ink, and paper to send and receive faxes. Keeping all those supplies on hand can be expensive!

·      A landline is required. Traditional fax machines don't work unless connected to a landline.

·      It's impossible to multitask. Because they're connected to landlines, regular machines can't send and receive faxes at the same time. Fax machines can only send one fax at a time, which means that sending something to multiple recipients will quickly become time-consuming.

·      They're hard to reach. When it's time to send or receive an important fax, the user must remain near the machine when they could be devoting time to more important tasks.

·      Fax machines are difficult to move. When companies relocate, it's a real challenge to move fax equipment and keep the same number.

·      They're inherently insecure. In most offices, fax machines are centrally located, which means that anyone can view the contents of a potentially sensitive fax.

·      They're expensive to send internationally. Multinational companies must consider the cost of overseas calls when sending faxes via machine.

·      Traditional faxes aren't eco-friendly. Many of today's companies are looking for ways to decrease their carbon footprint, but conventional faxes do just the opposite. Received faxes come out of a printer, which wastes paper and ink.

With old-fashioned faxes, there's no way for a sender to guarantee the quality of a transmission. It depends on how well the receiver's fax machine works. With mFax, however, users get cloud-based, eco-friendly, inexpensive, secure, and reliable faxing capabilities.

Sending International Faxes Online: What's Needed

Sending international faxes online through mFax requires just a few things that are easy to get. Users need:

·      A fax number. With a number, faxes are sent and received internationally and locally. When signing up for mFax, numbers are automatically assigned.

·      The receiver's country code. The ICC or international country code is specific to the country in which they are located.

·      The sending country's exit code. This code must be entered before sending an international fax, and it is based on the user's location. For example, the United States' exit code is 011.

·      The recipient's fax number. You'll need this, or else the fax won't get to its destination.

With the above information, the receiver's fax address can be completed. It will look like:

Sender's country exit code/international country code/recipient's fax number

Users of mFax find it easy and fast to send faxes all over the world. Call or click today for additional details.

The Best Way to Fax Internationally is to Do It Online

Compared to conventional approaches, online faxing with mFax allows users to do much more. Sign up today for the following benefits.

·      A reduced price. By sending faxes online, users avoid the costs associated with landlines and fax hardware, thereby saving a significant amount of money. With a low subscription fee, companies will save money on fax machines, ink and toner, paper, and maintenance as well. Call today to find an mFax plan that suits the company's needs and budget.

·      Increased security. Online fax is much more secure than conventional fax technology because end-to-end encryption decreases the risk of information theft and document loss. Once public machines are used, all sent information is exposed. Online services such as mFax turn users' devices into private fax portals, thereby protecting documents' and users' confidentiality.

·      More flexibility. The mFax platform provides robust editing features, such as on-demand signature and cover sheet additions. Furthermore, users can easily track each document's status.

Secure, Reliable Cloud Faxing for Companies in Regulated Sectors

Especially for healthcare organizations, HIPAA compliance is crucial when transmitting PHI or protected health information documents. Not all online fax services are HIPAA compliant, but mFax is.

To ensure continued compliance with regulatory requirements, companies need enterprise-level services like mFax. With mFax, it's easy to receive and send online faxes that are 100% HIPAA compliant. With government-grade encryption and other security measures, it's easy to see why companies are entrusting their fax infrastructure to mFax. Request additional information by phone or click to start faxing today.